Applying for your ARC Licence

Before undertaking the course Certificate II in Split Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Systems (UEE20111) you will need to have obtained what’s called your Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Trainee License – Classroom (CL000).

What this means is that you need to be licenced to handle the refrigerant you will be working with during class time, in our classroom, under our Licenced Trainer & Assessor. It is against legal regulation to do so without having obtained this license.

This licence is to be obtained through the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC).

Sunshine Coast 7th Nov 2016

If you have enrolled in our course but have not yet received your Trainee License, you cannot commence our training until you have received this.

Once you have applied to enrol in our course by completing the NTI Application Form, you can commence your application for your Trainee Classroom Licence online straight away.

Applying for your Trainee Classroom licence is simple! Simply follow the guide How to Apply for Your ARC Trainee License.

Upon successful completion of your course with us, you will then need to upgrade your Classroom Trainee License to the Restricted Heat Pump – Split Systems – Installation and Decommissioning Licence which entitles you to handle a refrigerant for any work in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, other than the automotive industry.

It is important for you to also understand and be well informed about your licencing requirements, limitations, restrictions and boundaries.

Below is some important information from ARC which we recommend all students familiarise themselves with prior to undertaking our course:


National Trades Institute holds a national refrigeration trading authorisation with the Australian Refrigeration Council Ltd (AU24284)