Your Three Day Intensive Workshop

All students are required to arrive ready to commence their course induction and orientation in their first session on the first day of their 3-day workshop.

We ask you look to arrive 15 minutes early to avoid any delays and commence on time.

Students getting the most from their orientation ensure they do not fall behind from the beginning and are well positioned to get maximum benefit from their studies.

Class times:

Day One: 7:45am – 3:30pm

Days two and three will commence approximately the same times, however depending on the progress of the class, finish times each day may vary.

What to Bring

Notepad and pen

Any pre-requisite documents you still need to provide copies of:

  • Photo identification
  • Blue or White Construction Induction Card
  • Current CPR HLTAID001
  • ARC Licence Approval Letter
  • Academic transcripts/certificates of past, relevant training

What to Wear

We encourage you to wear the attite you would wear when going on site to see a client:

  • Normal PPE gear/apparel
  • Hard toe boots

You will be provided with your own split systems unit to work with, your own tools and equipment, and all gases and technical components will be provided for you.