Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

The rate of technological change within the Electrotechnology industry has never been greater and is expected to increase. The industry continues to expand and develop and its personnel must develop increasingly sophisticated technical skills and problem solving abilities. Apprentices and skilled operatives are expected to build high levels of competency, flexibility and capabilities across a wide range of equipment, technologies, processes and procedures and be prepared for continuous development of their knowledge and skills throughout their working life.

Severe skills shortages currently affecting the Electrotechnology industry are projected to increase as the supply of skilled tradespersons in the industry continues to fall short of market demand and rapid growth in the volume of work continues to exceed the availability of skilled labour, particularly in areas incorporating advanced technologies.

The Electrotechnology Industry is subject to high levels of legislation, regulation, codes of practice, guidelines and advisory standards, NTI will ensure their graduates are knowledgeable and skilled, ready for the challenges ahead.

UEE20111 Certificate II – Air-Conditioning Split Systems

Course Code: UEE20111
Course Duration: 3 days
Course Outcomes:

This course is for people wishing to install split air-conditioning systems.

This qualification covers competencies to install, commission and de-commission single head split air-conditioning systems to a prescribed routine where the maximum plant capacity for each system does not exceed 18kWr.

Completion of this course satisfies the requirements of ARC to be issued with a ‘Restricted Split System Air Conditioning Installation and Decommissioning Licence’.